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​5 Common Mistakes when Marketing a Sale

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5 Common Mistakes When Marketing A Sale:

1. AVERAGE PICTURES - often the picture is the first impression a potential customer sees; a clean, crisp and professional picture that accurately represents your sale animal can generate a tonne of exposure.

2. UNPREPARED - being organized for your sale will generate extra income down the road. If you're prepared, it will allow you to promote your product to its full capacity.

3. POOR FOLLOW UP - the pinnacle cattle breeders market their product 365 and don't take a day off. After sales, the best cattle marketers will always follow-up with their customer to ensure they are happy with their purchases.

4. LACK OF INTEGRITY - don't fall to temptation to alter the truth of your product. If you lose your customers trust, you don't have a leg to stand on.

5. INCONSISTENT - To be successful, we feel you need consistency within your cowherd, sale animals and marketing structure in order to build a repeat customer base. We often see the demise of some breeders who often change their sales date, location, management, auctioneer, ring man, consultants, live/video sale which in turn just confuses their customers. Granted, to improve your sale you need to make strategic changes for the better and we support those decisions if they will create long term success. But if a breeder is making changes that aren't thought out and are doing it just for the sake of change, the problem often lies closer to home than where they are pointing fingers at.

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