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Defining Character with a Hat

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What’s in a hat? 

This may sound like a simple question, but hats can define a lot more than a shady place for your head. A hat, cap, chapeau, or whatever you like to call it can express character, style, brand, loyalty, class and confidence. A hat can be worn as a statement of someone’s personality.

Hats can also be useful in hiding messy hair, sweaty foreheads, and your eyes from sunshine or wind. They are also great assets for shading the eyes for a quick nap on a tack box or from bright lights the morning after a big night. A way a hat is worn can express the person’s emotion at that very moment:

Nervous – hat may sit a bit lower over the eyes and be rimmed with sweat stains
Angry – hat is on ground after being thrown after a long day of sorting or picturing
Bombed – hat may be worn backwards, sideways, barely on head or barfed in
Pride – hat placed across the chest while singing the national anthem

A single hat can be worn in all types of circumstances expressing a different characteristic each time. With so many looks and uses of a single hat, the answer to the question, ‘What’s in a hat?’ cannot be simply answered.

Bohrson Marketing Services wants our hats to provide our clients with the confidence to take on anything that may come with the role of being a cattle producer. As a great cattle breeder cannot be simply defined, they can be defined through their character, brand, loyalty, class and confidence.